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Hi Echo Ridge Tennis Community,

This message includes information about the 2017 Fall Junior Tennis Program.

First, please respond to Randy Shute at  DO NOT reply to this email (it will go to the Echo Ridge Communications site and response will be delayed).  Feel free to email me or contact me at (678) 644-6370.

Below is the Echo Ridge fall Jr. tennis program information.  I’ve attached the MS Word version of the form.  If you are interested, please print the form and mail it back to me ASAP.

Fall and Spring classes filled up quickly last year and I actually had to turn some kids away because I just didn’t have the courts or the assistants to help.   If your child is interested in ERRC Jr. tennis lessons this fall, please enroll them immediately to reserve their spot.

I’m looking forward to seeing your child in tennis this fall!


Randy Shute

(678) 644-6370




Echo Ridge Recreation Club

2017 Fall Junior Tennis Lessons

Randy Shute, ERRC Member and USPTA P1 tennis pro, will provide members with Fall Jr. tennis lessons.  These lessons will last 10 weeks and will be divided into two groups: Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced.  Beginner lessons will be provided to 5-9 year olds.  Beginner players have little to no experience yet and have difficulty sustaining a 4-6 shot rally across the big (full-sized) net.  Beginners will practice on at least 2 smaller QuickStart nets and have myself and probably 3 helpers to assist.  The intermediate/advanced group will be for 9-14 year old players who can sustain a decent rally across the big net and also serve and have some success with volleying.  We will work on serving form including using the proper Continental grip!  Basic skills are taught to beginners and we’ll introduce serving both overhand and underhand on the 8U and 10U courts.  Advanced skills and techniques are taught to intermediate and advanced players.  Fun games are played to teach your kids the skills to play tennis for life!

Junior Tennis Session Dates:

Beginner Class: August 21 - October 25                                       5:15 pm - 6:15 am (Age 5-9)

Intermediate/Advanced Class: August 21 - October 25               6:15 pm - 7:15 pm (Age 9-14)

Sign up for lessons twice a week or choose to attend one day per week.  If you choose one day per week, please be consistent and come on that day only.  While I’m flexible with makeups, if not enough players show up for one class but overload another class, it really messes with my assistant schedule.  If lessons are cancelled because of rain, make-up lessons can be taken during subsequent lesson weeks.   In case of excessive rainouts, we will have make-up lessons on Fridays or at the end of the season.  We’ll just have to be flexible with the weather.

There are no refunds - just make up lessons.

ERRC Members receive early, priority registration now through August 16th.  Lessons will open up to non-members after that.


Rates for ERRC Members:  $200 for 10 weeks (2 days/week).   $100 for 10 weeks (1 day/week).

**25% Discount for additional Siblings for ERRC members only

 These rates cover paid “Assistants”.  Student/Instructor ratio will be 5:1 at the most in the Beginner class.  Number of assistants will vary depending on class size.


Rates for non-members:  Non-members will pay a $25 guest fee for the fall season payable to Echo Ridge (ERRC).  Please write in the memo line “Non-member guest fees”.  There are no discounts for non-ERRC members.  Please make non-member guest fee checks payable to ERRC.


Private Lessons, Semi-Private Lessons, and Group Lessons (3-4 players):  $40/Hour **** Please email Randy Shute at or call him to arrange lesson times: (678) 644-6370

Reserve a spot now by mailing the form below and payment to:  Randy Shute, 3973 Harts Mill Lane NE, Atlanta, GA 30319.  Make checks payable to RANDY SHUTE.  Questions? Contact Randy Shute at  Make $25 non-member guest fee checks payable to ERRC.


ERRC 2017 Fall Junior Tennis Lesson Registration Form

(Please write email clearly for proper correspondence over the fall program)


Parent’s Name _________________________     E-mail:__________________________________


Phone: _____________________________          Emergency Contact #:______________________


                                                                                                               Please Circle Below


Child 1 __________________________     Age ____                       2-Days/Wk.        1-Day/Wk.                                                               

Child 2 __________________________     Age ____                       2-Days/Wk.        1-Day/Wk.


Child 3 __________________________     Age ____                       2-Days/Wk.        1-Day/Wk.


 Member?     Yes    No    Type of Payment:   Check #_______/Check Payment Amount $_________


If you need help figuring out the cost because of multiple children joining the lessons, please don’t hesitate to contact Randy Shute via email at or call him on his cell (678) 644-6370.




Randy Shute

Echo Ridge Tennis Chair

(678) 644-6370