Echo Ridge Annual Meeting - November 12

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Dear Echo Ridge Members,

This is a reminder that the Echo Ridge Annual Meeting will be held Sunday, November 12, at 6pm.  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend!  If you cannot attend, please arrange to send in a voting proxy (instructions are included below).


This message includes information on the meeting location, voting proxies, and the agenda for the meeting.  At the meeting, we will ask the members to elect new Board members, approve the 2018 financial budget, and approve changes to our Bylaws regarding the process for admitting new members. 

If you have any questions prior to the meeting, you may email us at

Location and Parking:

The meeting will be held at the Oak Grove United Methodist Church in Room 104.  Room 104 is on the main floor of the building.

We recommend you park in the parking lot on Fair Oaks Road and enter on the Fair Oaks side of the building (when you enter, you will walk upstairs and to the right for Room 104). Due to construction, if you park in back of the Church in the large lot, you may need to enter through the Fellowship Hall to access the main part of the building and reach Room 104.

Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the Annual Meeting is below. Echo Ridge has four regular Board positions open to new candidates this year and one interim one year position (due to an early vacancy).  By early next week, we will distribute the list of Board candidates and a brief background for each candidate.  If you are interested in joining the Echo Ridge Board, there's still time!  Please email us at if you like to be a candidate for the Board.

  1. Echo Ridge Year in Review
  2. Board of Directors Election (Candidates will speak for 2-3 minutes to introduce themselves to the members)
  3. Tennis Update
  4. Social Chair Update 
  5. Swim Team Update 
  6. Membership Update 
  7. 2017 Financial Review and 2018 Proposed Budget
  8. Vote to Amend the By-Laws 
  9. Vote to Approve the 2018 Budget
  10. Adjourn


Voting Proxy

If you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting, please send in a proxy for your vote.   The proxy form is attached and also will be available at the meeting.  To complete the proxy, you will need to include your family's name, Echo Ridge membership number, and the person to whom you are giving power to vote on your behalf.   If you do not specify a person to vote on your behalf, then the proxy automatically will give the voting power to Echo Ridge's current President, Ryan Lucas.   Once completed, you must deliver your signed proxy before the meeting in one of three ways:

  1. Mail the signed Proxy to Echo Ridge Recreation Club, P.O. Box  29403, Atlanta, GA 30359;
  2. Email the signed Proxy to Stephen Harrison at; or
  3. Drop off the signed Proxy at the beginning of the meeting on November 12 (a Board member will be available from 5:45 - 6:00 pm in Room 104 prior to the meeting to accept last minute proxies).

Final Notes

The Annual Meeting is an important event for our club and we urge at least one family member to attend.  If you are not able to attend, please send in your proxy to ensure we have enough member participation.

If you have any questions about the Annual Meeting, please email us at

We look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting!



Your Echo Ridge Board