Echo Ridge Tennis Committee

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Hi everyone! 


My name is Sanket Shah. I’m the 2018 Tennis Chair for Echo Ridge.


With the awesome and growing demand for tennis by our Members (adults and juniors), the Echo Ridge Board has approved the formation of the Echo Ridge Tennis Committee to focus on tennis-related topics that impact Echo Ridge (e.g. social tennis, team tennis, youth development, training equipment, capital improvements, sponsorships, fund-raising, rules, etc…). 


The Tennis Committee will be a volunteer team of Echo Ridge Members that will propose ideas, conduct necessary research, obtain varied perspectives, submit recommendations to the Echo Ridge Board for consideration, and implement Board-approved decisions; we’ll have some fun too. The Tennis Committee will comply with all Echo Ridge Bylaws and Rules.


The Tennis Committee will be up to a nine (9) Member team, comprised of the following:

1. Committee Chair: Current calendar year's Tennis Chair

2. Prior Calendar Year's Tennis Chair or most recent prior Tennis Chair (must be different from #1)

3 - 9.  Open Members (5 - 7 additional Members from the general Echo Ridge Membership, at least 18 years old)


If more than 7 Members apply to join the Tennis Committee as “Open Members”, an election would be conducted at the first meeting to finalize the committee participants.


Committee Term:            12 months (Jan-Dec)

Term Limit:                       No term limit

Meeting frequency:        The current schedule plans for one (1) meeting a month but then would be adjusted as agreed by the Tennis Committee members. Depending on the project or topic, separate meetings or discussions could also be needed between the scheduled meetings. The scheduled Tennis Committee meetings would occur at least one week prior to the monthly Echo Ridge Board meeting.

The first meeting will take place on Sunday 6/3/2018 @ 6-7pm at Echo Ridge (Court 1 pavilion), weather permitting.

Annual elections for the Echo Ridge Tennis Committee for calendar years 2019 and onward would be aligned with the annual election of Echo Ridge Board members.

I know that there are a lot of great ideas within our members to improve our tennis services and facilities because I’ve already started to hear them! The Echo Ridge Board is also open and excited to explore them!

If you care about Echo Ridge and tennis (adults and juniors), please consider joining the Echo Ridge Tennis Committee!! 

Please feel free to contact me at or via my phone number below with any questions, concerns, and/or suggestions.


(P.S. Please don't reply to this email - it will go to the ERRC general inbox and response may be delayed.  Please email directly).


Take care,



Sanket D. Shah

2018 ERRC Tennis Chair

(404) 396-9543