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Greetings Members,  
Over the weekend, a member reported that a near-drowning occurred at a neighboring swim club.  Thankfully, reports are that the child is doing well now, but that he was unconscious when he was pulled from the water by an older child who discovered him under the surface.  
As we gear up for Memorial Day and summer at the pool, it's worth a minute to review some crucial information.  Contrary to what many of us may think, drowning is a silent event and can happen very quickly.   Drownings seldom involve splashing or calls for help like we may have seen in the movies or on TV.   Many children slip under the water with adults just feet away.  Please take a few minutes to review these short articles that present more information about drowning and being able to recognize someone in trouble in the water.  Our lifeguards are well-trained to scan and watch the pool and they are already hard at work, but you are the only one who can watch your child 100% of the time.  As members, parents, and guardians we must keep an eye on our family, friends, and guests.  Young children and other non-swimmers, in particular, need 100% constant supervision.  Please click below - the more of us who can identify a child or person in danger in the pool, the safer our community will be!  
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We hope everyone has a fun -- and safe -- summer at Echo Ridge.



The Echo Ridge Board

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