Echo Ridge - New Tennis Access Procedure

Sent by Echo Ridge Communications (Winter, Bill and Lisi) on 6/1/2018. This announcement was emailed to all users

Dear Echo Ridge,


At the most recent Echo Ridge Board meeting, we heard from several Members regarding tennis topics. We thank our Members for providing valuable perspectives. In particular, significant concern was raised about managing access to the tennis courts.

Based on that discussion and additional feedback received since the pool's opening this month, the Echo Ridge Board has determined an interim approach to manage access to the tennis courts.  The interim approach will be implemented while we determine the best way to manage access to the tennis courts and collect appropriate Guest fees for tennis.

The Board is sending out this message to notify the Membership prior to implementing the changes below with the lifeguards. The lifeguards will implement this locking procedure by this Saturday, June 2, 2018.


Approved Interim Locking Procedure:  

During pool hours access to the tennis courts will be permitted, with use of a tennis key, along the exterior tennis path.  Access to the restrooms will be permitted through the main entrance to the pool area. During this interim period, the interior gates from the pool area to the tennis path and tennis pavilion will remain locked.  Members will need to use their tennis key to access the exterior tennis path and court gates.  As before, tennis gates must never be propped open.  To obtain a tennis key, please contact our current Tennis Chair, Sanket Shah ( Due to safety requirements, the lifeguards will not be able to unlock the exterior tennis gate for Members who have forgotten their key.



The daily $3 Guest fee allows Members to bring their Guests to the pool and tennis courts during the same day.

If Members plan to bring their Guests to the pool and tennis courts on the same day, the Guest fees must be paid to the desk attendant at the pool's main entrance.  

If Members only plan to bring their Guests to the tennis courts on a given day, those Guest fees may be submitted to the lockbox at the tennis courts or to the desk attendant at the pool's main entrance.

Lifeguards will not have access to the tennis lockbox and will not be able to verify any payments made to the tennis lockbox.

A follow-up communication from the Echo Ridge Board regarding the final installation of the lockbox will be distributed to the Membership when completed.

A maximum of three (3) Guests are permitted on the tennis courts per Member family per day. 

Please contact Sanket Shah at to address additional questions / concerns / suggestions regarding our tennis facilities and programs.  As always, Members may also submit feedback to the Board (


Take care,

Your Echo Ridge Board